Sid Miller Endorsed by Governor Rick Perry for Texas Agriculture Commissioner

May 22, 2014

Response to Ethics Complaints by Merritt Campaign

May 19, 2014

All ethics complaints are invalid and I have been found at no fault by the Ethics Commission. See the link to the letter I received from the Commission: Notice of Complaint, SC-31312230 My opponent, Tommy Merritt, has hired Mark Sanders the Democrat consultant for 2002 Democrat Governor Candidate Tony Sanchez, who failed in a bid […]

Sid Miller on Texas Ag. Commission Run-Off: “I’m in it to win it!”

April 17, 2014

Sid Miller says Bureau of Land Management Actions in Nevada and Texas violate Constitution

April 13, 2014

Republican front runner in Texas Ag Commissioner Race calls on Governor Rick Perry to be prepared to mobilize Texas State Guard to come to the assistance of Texas landowners on Red River   Stephenville, Texas—Sid Miller, the former Chair of the Texas House Homeland Security & Public Safety and Agriculture and Livestock Committees, and now […]

Obama & EPA Engaged In Out-of-Control Land & Water Grab

March 28, 2014

By Sid Miller—Republican Candidate for Texas Agriculture Commissioner At the same time Barack Obama is rightfully criticizing Vladimir Putin for his outrageous and unlawful land grabs in Crimea, he is presiding over an equally outrageous and unlawful land and water grab right here at home. The federal Environmental Protection Agency—dominated by a group of out-of-touch […]

Ag chief candidate Miller hopes to be at least as well-known as his treasurer, horse

March 28, 2014

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Conservative Nation Media Inc (Texas) Proudly Endorses Sid Miller for Agriculture Commissioner.

March 28, 2014

Miller Calls For EPA Investigation

January 18, 2014

SID MILLER CALLS ON CONGRESSIONAL LEADERSHIP TO BEGIN IMMEDIATE INVESTIGATION OF EPA SECURITY BREECH — Texas Agriculture Commissioner Candidate says EPA has put tens of thousands of farmers & ranchers and their families at risk. Says saying sorry is not enough. Stephenville, Texas— Saying that an Environmental Protection Agency security breech had put the lives […]

Please Read – Mike Hailey of Capitol Inside Breaks Down Ag Race

January 17, 2014

YCT Decries Ag Chief Campaign Impersonators while Calling Miller Only Authentic Conservative By Mike Hailey Capitol Inside Editor The Young Conservatives of Texas reiterated its support for former Texas House member Sid Miller in the race for state agriculture commissioner while ripping his GOP primary opponents as political imposters who are pretending to be in sync […]

Young Conservatives of Texas Offers Commentary on Ag Candidates

January 16, 2014

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“A few months back, Young Conservatives of Texas (YCT) issued an early endorsement for Former Rep. Sid Miller in his race for Texas Agriculture Commissioner. Today, YCT gives an in-depth look at several other contenders in the race.”