Water is our State’s most precious resource and we must be good stewards and manage it in a way that will help move Texas forward.

Cutting Unemployment and Boosting the Economy

A local business owner, Sid Miller understands low taxes and small government keep our economy strong.

Let’s get our priorities straight – We need to cut taxes and regulations to keep jobs here in the U.S. and Texas. Taxpayers deserve to keep more of their hard earned money – Increased taxes don’t help anyone. Businesses need stability to expand, not the threat of big government.

Putting a Stop to Illegal Immigration and Tightening Our Border Security

As chairman of the Committee on Homeland Security and Public Safety, Sid Miller fights to keep us secure.

Protecting our border is vital to the safety of our state and nation. Where the federal government won’t act, we must defend our own land and economy. Americans work hard to provide for their families – They shouldn’t fit the bill for illegal immigrants who don’t pay their share of taxes.

Cutting Government Spending

Putting his money where his mouth is, when Sid Miller voted to cut state spending, he didn’t raise taxes and he cut his own state office budget.

We’ve got to cut back entitlement programs and wasteful spending. Texas must ensure we have money to fund schools and other vital services instead of government handout programs. Fraud and efficient agencies allow too many people to take advantage of government programs – It’s got to stop!

Fighting For Families and Religious Freedoms

Sid Miller cut $64 million dollars from Planned Parenthood and passed the Sonogram Bill.

We have a duty to protect those that cannot protect themselves. The unborn deserve our help and government dollars especially have no place aiding abortion facilities.

Protecting Our 2nd Amendment Rights

An avid rancher and hunter, Sid Miller believes in the Constitutional right to bear arms.

Texans have the right to defend themselves, their families, their property and their freedom. The federal government has no business regulating gun control in Texas. We can’t let the liberals hinder our rights, especially to protect ourselves.