Sheriff Joe Saddles Up With Sid!

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Friday, December 1, 2017

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Todd M. Smith (512) 658-9699

The day after Kate Steinle verdict, “America’s Toughest Sheriff” voices supports for Miller

(AUSTIN, TX) Today, Texas Agriculture Commissioner Sid Miller proudly announced the endorsement of Sheriff Joe Arpaio from Arizona. Known as “America’s Toughest Sheriff,” Sheriff Joe has been a nationally recognized voice for stronger border security and immigration reform.

“I am proud to endorse Commissioner Sid Miller for re-election as Texas Agriculture Commissioner,” Arpaio said. “Sid has been a great advocate for cracking down on illegal immigration and securing our borders. From his work in the legislature as chair of the committee responsible for border security to his role advocating for legal immigration reform as Texas Agriculture Commissioner, Sid gets it.”

“He’s fearless, honest, a real Texan and a true patriot,” Arpaio added. “Texas needs Sid Miller as Texas Agriculture Commissioner.”

Formerly sheriff of Maricopa County, Arizona, Joe Arpaio, now 85, quickly became a symbol of the fight against illegal immigration. While sheriff, he was tough on crime and even tougher on prisoners, housing them in tents and bringing back prisoner chain gangs for public works projects.

“I’m honored to have Sheriff Joe support my campaign,” Miller said. “We both share a love of this country, national sovereignty and the rule of law. For millions of real Americans, Sheriff Joe is a national hero in the fight to protect our country and our national identity.”

“And like me,” Miller added, “he’s survived his share of hard knocks. We both know if what we do earns the wrath of the liberal media, we must be doing something right!”

Commissioner Miller noted that Sheriff Joe’s endorsement takes on a whole new meaning a day after the shocking verdict in the Kate Steinle murder trial.

“The insanity of sanctuary cities must end,” Miller said. “The legal system in California chose not to deliver justice for Kate in favor of delivering a political message to our President and everyone that opposes sanctuary cities. We can’t let this continue in Texas.”

“With Texans like Sid Miller and a president like Donald Trump,” Arpaio said, “we will crack down on sanctuary cities and give illegal immigrants one choice: comply with the law or go home. I look forward to working with Commissioner Miller to keep the pressure on city governments who won’t follow the law on illegal immigration.”

“As Ag Commissioner, I know legal immigration is a vital issue for Texas farmers and ranchers,” Miller said. “When sanctuary cities harbor illegal immigrants, that’s not fair to legal immigrants who have followed the process and are working hard for their families. I want immigration reform that protects and strengthens a legal process for immigrant labor in our agriculture community. There’s no better advocate for legal immigration than a Texas farmer or rancher.”

While not yet announcing any specific plans, Arpaio said he is open to campaigning in person for Commissioner Miller during the upcoming primary.

“Sid Miller is a good Christian family man,” Arpaio said, “and our government needs every one of them we can find. I wish him luck and look forward to an exciting campaign.”

Joe Arpaio joins a growing list of over 100 conservative and Republican leaders who have endorsed Sid Miller for Texas Agriculture Commissioner. View the Big 100 list here.

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