About Sid Miller

Farmer, Rancher and True Rural Texan

Sid Miller is an eighth-generation farmer and rancher who earns his living from the land raising crops, trees, cattle, and horses. He is a former vocational agriculture teacher, and a world champion cowboy with 9 world titles.

Trusted Defender of the Second Amendment

Sid Miller has a proven record of defending our right to keep and bear arms and has been endorsed by Americans for Gun Rights.

Proven Pro-Life Leader

Sid led the fight to protect the sanctity of human life in every session he served in the Texas Legislature.  He passed a keystone law for the pro-life community, the sonogram law.

Conservative Leader and Influencer

Sid Miller was consistently ranked as one of the most conservative lawmakers in Texas based on his voting record during his six terms in the Texas House. As Ag Commissioner, Sid has been endorsed by over 100 top Texas Republicans and almost every major Republican organization in the state.

Fiscal Conservative and Taxpayer Champion

During his time in the Legislature, Sid was named a “Taxpayer Champion” by Texans For Fiscal Responsibility for his efforts to defend taxpayers, lower taxes, and decrease the size and scope of state government. He was also named a Champion For Free Enterprise by the Texas Association Of Business and was consistently “A RATED” by Citizens For A Sound Economy.

Tea Party Original

When in the Texas House, Sid Miller helped found the Legislative Tea Party Caucus. It is often even said that Sid was “Tea Party before the Tea Party was cool.” That is why Tea Party leaders across Texas are joining with Sid Miller and working hard to ensure that he continues to serve as our Agriculture Commissioner.

Worldwide Ambassador for Texas

Since taking office as Texas Agriculture Commissioner, Sid Miller has initiative a global outreach initiative to promote Texas, Texas agriculture and Texas-made products.  His historic trips to China and Cuba helped to open new markets for Texas products, while spreading the message about Texas liberty and American independence.  While traveling to Israel, Sid strengthened the Texas-Israel partnership and was the first Texas elected official to be recognized by the Israeli Knesset, or parliament.